Autumn 2019 Drop-off Menu


 choose 3

 Fresh pastries & autumn jams 

Almond milk bircher, blackberry, apple & pistachio (VG)

 Banana & chocolate loaf, toasted almonds (V)

 Avocado sourdough, feta & chilli (V)(VG available)

 Ricotta, fig & honey bruschetta (V)

 Seasonal fruit salad (VG)(GF)

 Mini smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel, pink peppercorn & watercress

 Crispy free-range bacon rolls, baby spinach & chilli ketchup 

 Greek yoghurt, granola, stewed plums (V)(VG available)



 choose 1

Menu 1


 Grilled turmeric & ginger king prawns, coriander & green chilli chutney (GF)(DF)


 Roast curry cauliflower, herb dressing & pomegranate (VG)(GF)


 Chickpea, spinach & coconut salad (VG)(GF)

Grilled runner beans, cherry tomatoes & spiced yoghurt (V)(GF)


 Jewelled rice salad (VG)(GF)

Menu 2


 Grilled sumac free-range chicken, harissa mayo(GF)(DF)


Feta & spinach parcels (V)(VG available)


 Roasted autumn squash, sweet onions, puy lentil & herbs (VG)(GF)

 Lamb’s lettuce, fried chickpea, cucumber & mint salad (VG)(GF)


 Quinoa & preserved lemon tabbouleh (VG)(GF)


Menu 3


 Sticky teriyaki salmon & edamame (DF)(GF)


 Miso roast aubergine, sesame & spring onion (VG)(GF)


 Fried Broccoli & kale with roast peanuts, lime & garlic dressing (VG)(GF)

 Gem lettuce & radish slaw, sesame & sriracha dressing (VG)(GF)


 Wild rice, herb & chilli salad (VG)(GF)


 Sweets (+£3/pp)

 choose 1 

 Chocolate & nut brownies (V)(VG available)

 Clementine & almond cake (GF)(DF)

 Oat, cranberries & dark chocolate cookies (V)

 Lemon, blueberry & earl grey drizzle (V)






[1]If you require veggie/vegan and non- veggie options please choose both mains and let us know how many portions of each you require. Thank you!